Invest in our Startup Manufacturing Company with a Production-Ready, Small-Scale and Mobile Combustor

We have potential to greatly reduce open burning and sending waste to unsanitary garbage dumps

We are a cleantech manufacturing startup seeking seed capital to build its self-fueling and mobile (and production-ready) combustor.

For small cities (under 200,000) in developing countries and islands, Frontline Waste offers a local, decentralized small-scale waste processing, recycling and waste disposal solution to create "waste-free" areas. Anchored by our small-scale proprietary combustor, our Starter MRF system will deliver waste reduction (up to 25,000 tons/year), high recycling results (up to 80%), healthier living conditions, and real productivity impact – at a low upfront investment.

For the U.S. and Europe markets, each unit can provide a company or municipality with clean on-site residual waste disposal (waste already destined for landfill) to avoid the tipping fees and transportation costs of sending it to landfill.

For U.S. and Europe

  • Deploy on-site
  • Avoid landfill costs
  • Save $$
  • Small Waste Disposal

For Developing World & Islands

  • Sanitary waste processing
  • Combine with minigrids
  • Substitute for landfill
  • Indirect recycling
  • Purposeful composting
  • Just-in-time scalability

What If.....The Big Picture Story

Sometimes it takes a slide show (15 slides, 1 slide per 12 seconds) to showcase the opportunity.   This is our attempt!

A "Cliff Notes" PPT Version of the Vision

Small-Scale Waste Disposal Technology