Why We Changed Our Name From FBB Combustion

In late September 2016, we changed our name from FBB Combustion to Frontline Waste Systems. In 2017, we further transitioned our name to just Frontline Waste (URL became free). Please expect to see different documents to reflect both names during the transition and on the internet itself.

We made the switch from FBB Combustion for three reasons:

[1] Increasingly we realized that we are not just selling a combustion unit, but a waste management system (our SMRF) that includes the combustor. Plus, our target audiences are small cities in developing countries and islands–and these locations are truly at the “frontlines of climate change.”

Here are startling facts:
40% of the municipal waste produced in the world being openly burned or sent to an unsanitary garbage dump.

62% of local municipalities around the world have no formal waste management systems.

[2] Given the mobility of our unit via truck, or boat our unit is perfect for working in remote locations. Again, this makes our waste solution “at the forefront of climate change” as there are usually no other ways to get rid of waste in these remote locations, except by fuel-guzzling boats and airplanes.

[3] Combustion and incineration seem to be dirty words within the cleantech world in the United States. Anti-Incineration groups equate incineration with large multi-megawatt facilities that are believed to be increasingly unhealthy for local residents.

Our Unit, however is super small, has built-in pollution scrubbers, and has a completely different pollution profile, but still the connotation of our name sparked unnecessary comparisons to these large waste to energy incinerators.