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Frontline Waste, a 2016 Cleantech Open Accelerator company, is seeking a seed capital investment (with convertible debt as an option). The first tranche to be used to build our first combustion production unit with the waste-to-energy power system, complete patent applications, and receive appropriate EPA certifications for destroying creosote treated waste wood, plastics, and various types of combustible waste. All additional funds to be used to build initial combustion units when pre-orders occur.


Years of research, money, testing and improvements that have gone to getting us to our production-ready state, and the fact that our unit consists of tried-and-tested components and fluidized bubbling bed technology (“FBBT”) used since the 1930’s.

In addition, a manufacturer in California has been selected to fabricate the first unit. Manufacturing drawings and specifications have been prepared. Necessary components, such as the motors, fans, solid state electronics will be of the current available technologies. We believe that EPA emissions certification standards can be met for many types of waste inputs, although we’ll have to do additional testing for different plastic waste streams and treated wood, in particular, in order to figure out how to (re)configure the combustor with appropriate waste pollution abatement equipment and the right control logic via their proprietary algorithms to both meet EPA standards and maximize throughput, i.e. positive economics.


Technical Data Available With Signed NDA:
1) Environmental tests
2) Operating data
3) Exhaust temperate & flow rate
4) Approximate ash generation data

We are actively seeking investment from accredited investors, social impact investors, and/or corporations.

If interested, please contact Rob Steir at rob at or call 646-202-9599