Use Cases

Disposal of Proprietary Corporate Waste Streams (ex. Disposable Diapers)


Many industrial companies have proprietary materials in their products which have been developed after investments of millions of dollars i.e. disposable diapers, packaging, sanitary napkins, etc. Disposing of waste stream from the manufacturing cycle of these products poses a potential security problem for these companies.

Compounding this security issue is that, in today’s world, ingredients and parts are produced around the world, and assembly may also occur at multiple sites. The threat of industrial espionage has never been greater.

Yet, disposal of these materials in many cases is in public landfills where a nefarious competitor could obtain samples of the proprietary material putting in jeopardy millions of dollars of R&D.
Companies need a better disposal solution for their manufacturing waste streams that will offer the disposal security a company needs to protect their proprietary technology. The mobile incinerators on the market currently require a supplementary source of fuel to maintain combustion and in most cases cannot meet the EPA emissions requirements.


With the huge investments required to develop new materials; companies are seeking new and innovative methods to dispose of their proprietary waste streams while retaining control of its disposal. The Combustor offers companies this solution.

Our  Combustor is a revolutionary new type of mobile combustor that burns at ultra-high temperatures, requires no supplemental fuel in its operation and waste exhaust emissions are within environmental requirements. It can be moved to multiple sites, if needed, and its footprint is small.

It eliminates any potential for industrial espionage by disposing of the proprietary material waste stream on the company’s site and under its control and with the added assurance of complete destruction and additionally can achieve the objective of reducing landfill disposal while meeting environmental emissions standards.

The mobile feature provides flexibility with its ability to be moved to a company’s various manufacturing locations. It can be quickly started, doesn’t require much maintenance, and only a small amount of ash is produced, the rest vaporizes into hot combustible heat.

Potential Use Cases

We wrote brief writeups for each of these use cases to illustrate the different ways our unit can be deployed, especially due to its mobility.

Our strategic plan is to focus on just one or two areas, initially, based on market receptivity, ROI, and overall socio-economic benefits derived from simultaneously destroying waste and producing energy.

In 2016, we wrote up 3 solutions that showcase the larger global impact of our WTE combustor: For refugee camps, for destroying plastic, and as an alternative to landfill, especially in developing countries.